Used Car Dealer in Calgary

Most Commonly Replaced Vehicle Parts

Why buy used cars instead of new ones? Aside from budget constraints, it is more practical to buy used vehicles as long as you get them from reputable sources.

However, whether you have a new one or something you bought from a used car dealer, they are bound to malfunction sometimes. Upon purchasing, you also check to see that commonly replaced parts are readily available.

Most Frequently Replaced Car Parts

Here’s a look at the car parts that vehicle owners will need to consider over the life of their vehicles.

Engine oil and filter

This will be one of the most frequent services that most vehicles require. You will need to get the oil filter and engine oil replaced according to your car manufacturer’s recommendations.

Pollen filters

These filters are also referred to as cabin filters. They filter the air from dust, pollen, and other contaminants. The car’s climate control system will be less efficient when this filter is clogged.

Changing the filter doesn’t follow a fixed interval since it will depend on the mileage you drive, the kinds of roads you travel into, and the climate you live. Most of these filters are behind the glove box, making them easy to replace. You only have to remove the glove box from its hook, uncover the cabin filter, and pull it out.

Engine drive belts

Unless your car includes an electric power steering system and AC compressor, you can’t take your vehicle far without a drive belt in working order.

Even though these belts are made from rubber that can withstand a range of temperatures, the material will dry out and start to crack over time. If you don’t replace the rubber before it gets worn out, the belt might eventually tear up and bring the car to a halt.

Engine air filter

You need to replace the engine air filter regularly. Your choice will also depend on the recommendations of your car manufacturer. The air filter’s lifespan becomes shorter the more you drive the vehicle on gravel or unpaved roads.

What if you forgot to replace your engine’s air filter? Using the car with a dirty air filter will minimize the airflow to the engine. As a result, the fuel efficiency of your vehicle will decline. You don’t need to worry about the price because this car part is inexpensive.


You use brakes every time you drive your car, so you have to get them changed from time to time. Most often, you will need to replace the brake pads, but over time you may also need to replace the rotors.

Final Thoughts

These are only some of the most commonly replaced car parts. Driving any vehicle causes wear and tear, whether it is a used or new car. Before purchasing a quality used car in Calgary, be sure you know what parts are commonly replaced and how to fix and install these parts.