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Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

The winter season can be difficult for car owners, especially used cars. During winter, you could experience a couple of problems like frozen engine fluid, dying battery, or perhaps a decreased tire pressure.

For this reason, it is highly recommended to take time and prepare your car for winter. Below are some valuable tips to help you get ready for winter, whether you have a new vehicle or purchased a vehicle from a used car dealer in Calgary. 

Install Winter Tires

Ice roads are quite a problem during winter and could cause significant accidents. It would be best to change your tires to some snow tires for better drivability during inclement weather.

Test Your Car Battery

The last thing you want to happen is getting stuck in the middle of nowhere in the freezing weather. In most cases, the battery capacity can reduce during cold weather. 

To prepare for such a harsh season, ensure that your battery is checked by a professional. A reliable technician will ascertain the condition of your battery and the charging system. This is especially true if the battery is more than three years old. What’s more, some companies use computerized battery testers to check the current status of your battery.

Clean Your Battery Terminals 

Now is the ideal time if you have not given your battery some TLC. Sometimes, corrosion can build up on your battery terminals, whether your car is new or from a used car dealer, which might cause severe problems, especially during winter. 

Sometimes, these corrosions can make it hard to start your car. Ensure to properly wipe off any grease or acid stuck on your battery terminals.

Lubricate what needs to be lubricated

Several car parts need to be lubricated during winter to prevent any damage to your car. For example, not oiling the window tracks could damage your window regulator, which can be costly to fix.

Another example of what needs to be lubricated is the weather stripping of your car. Failure to lubricate this part might put you in a predicament, such as being locked in your vehicle during the cold, freezing weather.

Switch from Regular to Winter Wipers

Visibility is of great importance during such a season, and the right windshield wipers will come in handy. Regular wipers can quickly get packed with ice or snow that might cause the blades to miss out on some parts of your windshield. 

Switching to a winter wiper will solve that problem quickly. Similarly, you may want to replace your regular wiper fluid with a winter version designed to reduce the ice on your windshield. 

Prepare a Winter Survival Kit

Anything could happen during winter, really, so you should always have a winter survival kit with you all the time. Some essentials you may need for a winter road emergency include an ice scraper, tire chains, fire starter, shovel, kitty lighter, and extra warm clothes. 

Tune-up Your Car

Finally, schedule to have your car tuned up before the freezing weather arrives. It would help if you did this to lessen the chance of having some car problems during such a time. This is important because the winter weather can magnify existing problems, making them worse.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

It doesn’t matter if you have just bought a new car a used car in Calgary; preparation for the winter is a must. The above tips will help you prepare adequately for winter and ensure that your vehicle is in the proper working condition for a long, cold winter.