Used Car Dealer in Calgary

When to Replace Your Tires

Many showrooms offer great deals on used cars in Calgary, making it simple to get one. However, once the purchase is complete, keeping the vehicle in working order is critical. Used car dealers in Calgary will ensure that your vehicle is road ready with proper tires, but they are still subject to wear over time.

When Should I Replace My Tires?

Because there are so many factors, there is no single answer to how far a tire will survive in any given situation. Here are a few early indications that your tires are running out to keep you safe on the road.

Age and mileage

When manufacturers market tires, they rate them based on how many miles they will last. This number is based on the tires’ construction; if exceeded, the tires should be replaced immediately.

However, tire mileage varies significantly from vehicle to vehicle. Wear and tear can change depending on the car you drive, your driving behaviour, and the local road surfaces.

Drivers that handle their tires gently may be able to get more mileage, while rougher drivers may get less. Naturally, the smoother you drive, the longer your tires will survive.

The tires are not holding air

Another indication that it’s time to change your tires is if one or more of them loses air pressure. If the tread on your tires has worn thin, they may leak air even if a nail or other debris hasn’t damaged them.

Regularly checking the air pressure will go a long way toward increasing the life of your tires. Over- or under-inflation of your tires causes unequal tension on your tires, resulting in an uneven wear condition. Furthermore, cruising with under-inflated tires causes unequal wear and reduces fuel economy. Bear in mind that temperature fluctuations affect your air pressure.

Cracks on tire sidewalls

Rubber is a natural substance that degrades over time when subjected to the elements. UV radiation emitted by the sun and substances found in pavement salt throughout the winter is the most abrasive components that can tear down tires.

When the rubber wears out of exposure to these and similar conditions, you will see fractures in the tires’ sidewalls. This leaves your tires in danger of rupture, and you should replace them as soon as possible.

Fortunately, dangerous tire degradation of this type is generally apparent. Inspect the inside sidewalls of each tire for such deterioration using the flashlight.

Steel belts in your tire are visible.

These steel belts will probably show through if the material on the tires gets worn excessively. If you detect a strange shimmer on your tires, investigate more closely to see if it is the steel belt reflecting in the light.

Final thoughts

Although you are done with the car buying process and your car has hit the road, it may require costly repairs, such as tire replacement. This is where your knowledge of when to change a tire will come in handy.

Getting a new pair of tires will improve your driving experience, mileage, and handling. Buying a car from a trustworthy used car dealer in Calgary will ensure your vehicle has years of worry-free driving.