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When to Switch your Tires

While all-season tires are fine for driving in dry and wet warm weather, those same tires become too stiff in cold weather; the wheel ruts in snow and ice, making the vehicle difficult to steer, and the lack of flexibility diminishes the traction on snow-covered roads.

But so long winter—it’s time to change tires again! Many people in Calgary say to wait until after the May long weekend… or you might cause an April snowstorm for everyone else!

When to switch from winter to summer tires?

Whether you have a brand new or used car, the transition from winter tires to summer tires should be carefully timed. The moment it feels like winter is far behind you, it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare for the upcoming summer months by putting on your summer tires.

To maintain a good grip on the road, especially for a used truck, 7℃ is the temperature at which tires must be changed from summer to winter tires and vice versa.

After Calgary experiences a snowfall, it usually takes about a week for the warm weather to arrive. If you’re planning to switch from your winter tires to summer tires, it would be good to wait until after the first week of spring.

Match tires with the season they’re intended for!

Winter tires are thicker in rainy or snowy weather and have more tread than their all-season counterparts. When the weather warms up, they provide less traction, making them less efficient. Meanwhile, summer tires have a pattern on their tread that is designed to grip the road in high temperatures and are made with materials that withstand high heat.

All-season tires split the difference between summer and winter tires, offering some additional versatility and better traction in cooler weather. These are great for people who don’t want to change tires every season, but they are no match for the performance and handling of good summer and winter tires.

It is a good idea to treat your vehicle and your safety with the best available tires, and it’s important to have your automobile tuned up before winter and summer to prepare your car for any weather conditions. You can also ask for advice from a used car dealer when buying a car from them.

Choose the best tires for your car

When you need new tires, your best bet is to invest in the highest quality tires that will provide the best performance for your vehicle and your driving. Some tires reduce your chance of getting a flat, increase your control on wet roads, or help you drive at faster speeds.

When replacing your tires, consider the climate where you drive most often, and check the manual to see which size was recommended by the manufacturer. The size of the tires on your vehicle can have a big impact on its fuel efficiency. After locating a matching tire for your vehicle, find out if it meets your specific needs.

Is it safe to travel in a used car in any season?

Of course! Used trucks and cars haven’t been damaged by use. They’re just used!

The best bang for your buck is to buy a car that’s been on the market for a year. Why? Because they haven’t updated their models yet, which means you can get great features in a brand-new vehicle at your older model price. If you’re on a tight budget, it can be good to buy used cars in Calgary rather than new ones because they’ll often be much more affordable.

Check out our used car dealership in Calgary for the best offers. And remember to maintain your vehicle with tire services to stay in control of your ride, rain or shine.